A refurbished product is a used product that has undergone a rigorous selection, testing and restoration process , it is sold with a 12 month warranty , ready for a second long life.


Upon receiving the goods, our team of certified technicians carries out an initial careful visual selection of all the products with the aim of cataloging them by aesthetic grade but above all discarding all those products that show obvious wear beyond the average.

By withdrawing large quantities of stock it is possible for us to maintain a high level of product quality, deciding to discard those that are too worn to dedicate to other markets all those products that appear too worn at the first selection, of course, we are talking about a product that is still functioning and we could do like everyone else and go and restore the bodies, but excessive aesthetic wear is never a good sign, we are not for sales at all costs, we prefer to provide a practically "perfect" device.


All the products that have passed the first visual selection are subjected to numerous tests by our technicians using automated diagnostic software and manual procedures, after which a unique report is created for each product.


Through the reports created during the testing phase, our technicians can easily understand which, if any, components to replace, such as an exhausted battery, a disk that is no longer performing or changing the heatsink's thermal paste.

After the first technical interventions we move on to deep cleaning the PC using disinfectants, compressed air, a soft cloth and... lots of "elbow grease".

We prepare your products by installing the Operating System with the original license, updating Firmware, Bios and Drivers. The devices are delivered ready for the first startup.

Of course they are tested again, one by one and cleaned further to ensure we deliver you a perfect product in every way.

Packaging and Shipping

We have carried out over 20,000 shipments throughout Italy and we work with the best logistics partner in Italy, but as we know, unforeseen events happen.

This is why our packaging is designed to offer the greatest protection to your devices

For sale we only have products ready for delivery , order processing takes place the same day for all orders paid by 2.00 pm, in 80% of cases shipments are delivered within 3 working days of payment .