Reliability and in-depth checks on the entire used chain.
Buytec products are distinguished from those distributed in various technology marketplaces by these three characteristics.
Because we know that it is important for you to know what you are buying and how much you are protected in your choices.

The terms of our guarantee

Hardware Warranty:

All our refurbished products are guaranteed by our laboratory for 12 months against hardware malfunctions (excluding accidental damage).

The warranty is not nominal but is associated with the serial number of the product, in case of need for assistance simply contact us via email or message indicating the serial number of the product and the problem encountered, we will take care of everything, collection and return are free on everything the Italian territory.

Money Back Guarantee:

We carry out numerous and careful tests to make sure that the product meets all our requirements 100%. However, since these are used products, it may happen that you are not fully satisfied with the aesthetics or performance. For this reason we offer you, within 30 days of purchase , the possibility of returning the product and receiving a full refund or replacement of the device (if available).


Furthermore, they are equipped with original accessories as standard, with the exception of earphones.