Our products are classified into 4 aesthetic grades:

  • Grade A: Refurbished product in excellent aesthetic condition which has no visible cosmetic signs during use.
  • Grade B: Refurbished product in good aesthetic condition, it may have small aesthetic marks on the body, nothing annoying. Tablets and Smartphones may also have slight marks on the display.
  • Grade C: Refurbished product with obvious signs of wear, it is the "economy" range, the defects can range from small dents, scratches, discolored parts, small halos/spots on the display, signs of the keys on the display, maximum 5 pixels defective with deeper scratches and clearly visible defects. For Tablets and Smartphones it is often a question of scratched displays and dented corners. In any case, defects never compromise the correct functioning of the product which is always guaranteed in any case for 12 months by our laboratory.